Hi folks, i'm currently evaluating dss v7 planning for a purchase if everything works fine as i hope withing a couple of weeks.
Idea is to have 2 xenserver 6.1 hosts + 1 open-e dss 7 san
actually 2 xen hosts have 8 nic ports 1 for management, 3 bonded together (LACP) for client access, and 4 nic dedicated for ISCSI san (actually bonded).
dss7 server has 6 nic, 2 for management and 4 for ISCSI (actually bonded).
I'm planning to have 4-6 virtual machine 2008 R2 running on the two hosts.
The vms will be blaced in a storage repository created in the Opene SAN.
Reading all around and googling i was not able to find some guidance for best performance and reliability setting for the ISCSI connection.
What i only know is that with bonding i'm not getting the best performance right now but just redundancy.

Is it good to disable the bond (and the LACP) on both xen hosts and open-e and setup 4 different network for all of the like 192.168.(1-4).10 for the open-e and 192.168.(1-4).(1-2) for the hosts and enable multipath?
Cause i will setup only 1 storage repository with 1 vdi per VM, how many iscsi target would you setup?...1 per nic port (1 per network) or just 1?
all in roundrobin mode?
What about connection reliability? will i have any redundancy in case of failure of 1 of the network?

Can someone give me some suggestion about the best config?