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Thread: DSS v7 locked and hung....

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    Default DSS v7 locked and hung....

    We recently upgraded one of our DSS v6 systems to v7.. and it has hung hard 3 times in the last 2.5 weeks. The only thing the SAN would respond to are pings. Web gui, telnet, ssh all non responding. Console also non-responsive.

    Raid controllers are accessible via a dedicated NIC on them and this eliminates a motherboard/hardware lockup.

    The last time we saw this was with v6 when running e1000 nics on VMWare, which Open-E has a fix for. We applied the fix for v6 and it worked. The fix for v7 was unavailable up until 2 weeks ago at which time we also applied and all seemed ok.. until last night. The SAN hung hard again. There is nothing in the logs that identifies what the issue might be.

    We are currently working with Open-E, but this is severely impacting our production environment. Needless to say the natives (aka users) are getting restless.

    Has anyone else been seeing this type of issue?

    I am starting to look at other vendors as we cannot have this happen again and I have to provide alternate solutions if Open-E can't identify and resolve this.

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    We tested V7 with ESXi 5.1 very intense the last weeks and did not have this problem. We use VMXNET3 nics which we would strongly recommend for VMs because of stability and performance. We also had some hung-ups with Areca nics used in combination with VMware, because of that we switched to LSI although Areca has a much nicer management solution with the inbuild nic....

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    When using some specific settings, with V7, the performance compared with V6 is dropped down. And we are working on this issue and we will fix it very soon.
    As mentioned, not all users with V7 or A/A (active - active) will face this issue. And in urgent cases, you can use V6 at the moment tell we update this issue and fix it.
    Note: You can find the same answer here too:

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