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Thread: Fakeraid?

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    Default Fakeraid?

    In the console, the following error occurs:

    Fakeraid found on /dev/sdk. Raid type spare. Please use S/W RAID instead of fakeraid.

    The system appears to the running fine, but I'd like to solve this issue regardless.
    To give you some extra details, we have built a RAID5, and have since added drives to that RAID using the web GUI. I have a feeling adding the drives has caused this error.


    -Mike Carss

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    Default Please use S/W RAID instead of fakeraid

    This is most likely caused by connecting drive units through an onboard FAKE raid,
    which is currently not supported. Please switch the BIOS RAID mode on the motherboard
    to standard SATA instead of the onboard RAID. Then create an Open-E's Software RAID in
    the RAID|FC section .

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    I don't believe this is the case. Sorry, forgot to send you some specs:

    Intel Xeon 3GHz
    Intel PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter (all ports bonded as one IP)
    Areca ARC-1160 (16-Port RAID Controller)
    Areca ARC-1130 (12-Port RAID Controller)
    Areca ARC-1130 (12-Port RAID Controller)

    Right now, we're using the 1160 and the other two controllers are in for future expansion.

    In any case, we've copied the content of that RAID to another location temporaily and are rebuilding the array to 16 drives (RAID5).

    The original RAID5 array was 7 drives, and then we added 5 more later on. Although Open-E reported the increase in size (as well as in Windows), only the seven original drives showed activity during use. In very rare instances did one of the newer drives show activity.
    Also, while all the drives appeared as one in the logical volume section of the web GUI, the original seven showed up as MD0. The extra drives appeared in the list as S08, S09 etc.

    Is this making any sense?

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    You can use the PV resize tool in the Extended Tools Menu if this was a H/W RAID setup (if this was setup with the Areca 1160) for your additional drives.
    In such cases units appear as a MD0 that have been previously staged as a software RAID on them and not necessarily created with our software sometimes we have seen this happen. Outside of this, it would be necessary for us to view the logs and sent to . Thank you for joining the forum!

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