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Thread: Demo expired after 24 hours

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    Default Demo expired after 24 hours

    I setup a server yesterday using the demo CD downloaded that day (iSCSI-R3 Enterprise, version 2.10.IE00000000.2573) . Everything worked fine yesterday, and the date/time was set correctly via NTP (date/time on the host server was correct prior to installation as well). Today when I connect to the web interface it says that the Evaluation time has expired, and all of the iSCSI targets I created cannot be accessed (still visible in the web interface however I cannot connect to them).

    How can I get things back up and running again to complete the eval? I don't want to have to start from scratch and re-load all the data (plus run the risk that it will only work for another day before it "expires" again).



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    Make sure the time is set appropriately on the BIOS of the motherboard. Also just to make sure was there a previous installation on these drives with a Demo-CD version? That could cause it as well to call the 30 day time bomb - if that is the case. If this was just downloaded and installed yesterday then something else could be causing this. Try to go to Console Tools and run the Time Configuration again and accept the new Certificate as well. If this still continues and this is a new installation - send the logs to
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    Thanks Todd. After wiggling the TimeZone to try and fix the 3DM issue and doing an update from the NTP server everything seems to be working again. The date/time showing in the UI before and after the timezone wiggling didn't change, however things started working after doing it so its "all good" for the eval...

    Thanks again


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