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Thread: Active Directory usernames

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    Default Active Directory usernames


    We use NAS Enterprise 1.89.E000000000.2024 with Active Directory integration. This works fine, but it is not very convenient that the AD users are only shown with their logon name, instead of their full descriptive name. This makes searching in hundreds of users not very practical. Does an option exist to modify this?

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    Currently we only have a search control tool that allows you to lookup users and groups. The search control can be enabled in the Open-E NAS menu->setup->GUI in the Search
    preferences Function. Then in Resources you will be able to use. This is explained in the manual. Also there will be no more updates for the NAS product family or NAS-XSR family and these products have been end of life and will no longer be sold. NAS-R3 family is the new product for these existing products.
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