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Thread: 2TB volume size limit and dynamic disks

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    Default 2TB volume size limit and dynamic disks

    Hi , I would like to know if I can create volume with more than 2TB for ISCSI target on put on it microsot dynamic disks , I know that microsoft initiator does not support it ( the dynamic disk part ) but I will use QLogic card anyway

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    This is a known issue with Microsoft's initiator that can handle 2TB or less . In other OS's i.e. Linux versions can see greater then 2TB. But you can use support GPT (GUID Partition Table). See the Microsoft GPT FAQ for a list operating systems that support GPT. When you first connect to a raw LUN that is larger than 2 TB with a GPT the disk will show up in disk management as unknown/not initialized. Right click on the disk and select Convert to GPT. Now you can have greater then 2TB. Please read the Microsoft GPT information.
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    Of cause you can create dynamic volumes.

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