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Thread: Central Management or External Management Agents

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    Default Central Management or External Management Agents

    Is there any way to get a central management system for those of us with multiple clusters deployed? Even with a single cluster deployment with 2 units, it would be nice to be able to manage everything from a single management interface, rather than having to login directly to each device every time.

    This would also help with errors/logs/reporting, with everything consolidated.

    If not, can you integrate other management reporting within SNMP so we can see the status of hardware (drives)... Right now, it's basic statistics, but, if there's a hardware RAID controller, it would be nice to see if there's issue being reported, or the status of drives, without having to connect using a RAID management software piece.
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    We did create an application in 2013 that you install on your Windows system to manage multiple DSS V7 servers called "Multiple Storage Server Manager" but not where many interested and we provided this in your User and Partner Portal. Due to very low and mean low downloads of this app we ended any more development. As for the drive status send in a support ticket for any LSI possibility for this.
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