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Thread: i have just created a new nfs share and now i can't see any files or folders

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    Exclamation i have just created a new nfs share and now i can't see any files or folders


    i wanted to replace my raid set, with new bigger drives, so i created the new one and assigned a vol group and nfs share.

    i then proceeded to copy all my data from my old nfs volume to the new one.

    once this was complete, i removed my old nfs shares.

    but as this is a domain environment i wanted to re-introduce the new shares with the same name so that all the drive mappings and users data paths remained intact

    so i removed the new nfs shares and then brought them back in with the original nfs share names.

    now when i browse the nfs shares on the windows network the shares contain data about 50%, but i cannot see any files or folders !!!!!

    please help

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    Please try to remount NFS share on client side and see if that's help.
    It is also possible to restart NFS service on server by stopping/starting NFS.

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    hi thanks for replying so quickly,

    i went to configuration/nas settings and disabled/re-enabled 'Use NFS'

    then re-mapped my drive shares, but unfortunately this has not made any difference.

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    what else can i try? as this is quite urgent.

    is it normal for the data to be lost when a nas share is removed?

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    when removing nfs shares the warning does not state data will be lost

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    IF you go to the DSS NAS share and then click on the "Path" pull down button do you see your data? Can you show a screen shot of this and when you go to Status > Connections and look at the NFS connections do you see any IP Addresses?
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    Todd Maxwell

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    Hi Todd,

    many thanks for replying, but its too late because i have deleted them all on both storage servers and then just created fresh vol groups to restore the data via our disaster recovery software.

    but i will keep this in mind for next time.


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