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Thread: Migrate vom SW raid to HW raid, in a failover cluster setup

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    Question Migrate vom SW raid to HW raid, in a failover cluster setup


    we have two DSS7 with failover ISCSI option pack in a cluster setup. Actually we use SW raid and I want to migrate the main node to HW raid. There are two possible ways:

    * Tell the cluster to switch from the main node to the failover node; shutdown the main node; switch hardware related things and boot again; recreate all VGs/LVs etc ..; start replication from failover node to main node and than switch back to main node

    * Switch to failover node; stop cluster; rest is the same like above; start cluster; switch back to main node, after replication

    So, what is the best way?

    cu denny

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    i would say the first option, just make sure the secondary hw raid server is setup with the same volume sizes as secondary sw raid server so you can setup the replication task, theoretically it should work.

    as your virtual ip for iscsi failover will be "disconnected" at this time your virtual infrastructure will obviously be down as well untill all volumes are synced and failover is activated, then you are correct, "just switch back to the main node."

    good luck

    i recommend Adaptec/PMC Sierra raid controllers, but it depends on your backplane

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