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Thread: DSS 7 Lite + 2TB extension

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    Default DSS 7 Lite + 2TB extension

    Hi, I had a storage system with DSS 7 Lite and 2TB extension installed. It was booting from an USB drive, the system crashed and I had to reinstall it using a different USB drive, for now it is still in a trial mode ending in two weeks. Now I'm not sure if I can apply the 2TB storage extension key, I think it is assigned to some hardware signature and supposed to work only on the same system, but the installation disk has changed.
    Will I have any problem activating the 2TB storage key?
    How can I restore my original 2+2TB storage? I still have the original USB drive, it is not bootable but all file are accessible.
    Thank you

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    Access your User Portal on the Open-E website and there in the Tab you will see your Lite product key, then enter this in the GUI then reboot and then enter your 2TB lic key and reboot.
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    Todd Maxwell

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