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Thread: raid crash on one node of a activ/activ cluster

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    Default raid crash on one node of a activ/activ cluster


    after a raid controller crash and 3 drives also crashed (raid 6) I must configure a new raid. Now I have no Volumes on the node. Is it possible to restore the configuration or must I configure it manualy. I tried it, but I get always the error "There are no Volumes configured"

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    In general, you can save your configuration and setup settings from the GUI in MAINTENANCE -> miscellaneous -> Function: Save settings. And you can restore these settings from the same path when needed.

    But in your case as it seems, the RAID array get damaged and you need to rebuild it ( your RAID controller will do that automatically when you replace the damaged disk(s) ). And you need to wait tell the rebuild is finished before you can do any action on your storage.

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