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Thread: DSS V6 lite Fee and Compatibility

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    Default DSS V6 lite Fee and Compatibility

    Hello! Sorry for been away for months. Anyway, I'm looking for 720GB storage but first I have few concern to ask.

    1. Can you explain further to me about your lite version?
    2. Is there a fee in lite version?
    3. Does disaster recovery is included in lite version?
    4. Is it compatible in windows 8.1?


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    Welcome you back!

    The Lite version support up to 2TB of storage capacity
    and you can find more details bout it at the following link:

    And yes it's free, and you can update it to became a full version at anytime you want by applying the license to it.

    Are you looking to use it with iSCSI targets or NAS share volumes?

    About Windows 8.1, we did not test it yet, but it should work.

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