What is the recommended way to present shared storage to a group of KVM hosts?

I have 2 DSS v7 boxes in an Active-Passive cluster. I would like to have 8-10 VMs running on these boxes with auto failover where the VMs can migrate between 2+ KVM hosts.

I have used file based images with NFS in the past to do this, but I don't think NFS failover is supported with DSS v7.

I can't treat the iSCSI target as a single filesystem between KVM hosts without a clustered filesystem. (gfs, clusterfs seem like a fair amount of extra overhead). IE, one large LV on the DSS boxes in A-P partitioned and formated as ext4 wouldn't work, but gfs should. However, gfs might be a little slow for this application.

I don't want to have to create a LV and replication task on both hosts if i make each virtual machine image a separate LV on the DSS hosts. That will be annoying at about 8-10 machines.

Should I create a large LV that is setup for active-passive on the DSS machines and then provision it into virtual machine images as needed with LVM from the KVM hosts? Then have the KVM hosts access the images as lvm partions.

Am i missing something simpler?