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Thread: Trouble with squash-user and -group

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    Default Trouble with squash-user and -group


    I have createt a Share (e.g. Data1) and the user www-data and the group www-data.
    under Configuration -> NAS Ressourcen -> Shares i have allowed access for the user and the group www-data and i have used www-data to Force user and Group (for SMB Access) and as squash-user and -group for NFS-access.

    The share is mounted on an Linux Machine with Debian 3.2 as NFS-Share.

    If i'm creating a Folder on the Mounted share, then it gets the correct User 'www-data' but the wrong group 'crontab'

    What is going wrong?

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    Have you tried to use just the defaults for NFS and what if you create a different group name that is not the same.
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