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Thread: Open-E ISCI enterprise R3 questions

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    Default Open-E ISCI enterprise R3 questions

    Open-E looks like an interesting solution for recycling older DAS servers into an ISCSI storage fabric and it's competitively priced with purchasing a software ISCSI target to run on windows. Before proceeding with an eval, I have a few questions:

    1. 3ware controller support - I see these controllers listed under compatible hardware. Are multiple controllers supported in the same host? - I usually software stripe two 9550sx's or 9650SE's to maximize parity bandwith.

    2. NIC support - Is Myri-10G support working in the ISCSI product? - from other threads it appears fibre is working only in the the DSS product at this time. 4G fibre is cheaper at the moment, only because the switch is cheaper per port than a CX4 switch

    3. Nvidia NIC support - Is this working for jumbo frames, adapter bonding and fail over?

    4. USB DOM plug-in - does it just plug into a motherboard header for USB - is it working on Tyan S2895 K8WE dual opteron motherboards?

    I'm sure I will think of more once I begin an eval.

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    1. Yes you can have as many as your system can fit physically.

    2. We have support for 10GBase-CX4 for DSS, iSCSI-R3 Enterprise and NAS-R3 Enterprise also use link below to see all listings. We will have FC Target function in next DSS release ver.1.21 sometime this week or next and soon for the iSCSI-R3 Enterprise (no set date).

    3. We have Nvidia support please review link. I recommend checking with the manufucture to verify firmware for the Jumbo frames capability. And please make sure if using bonding that the firmware is the same for both cards. You can download our manual to view the bond modes we provide Round RR, 802.3ad, Balance TLB …..

    4. If the motherboard has USB headers this will work, incase of congestion we supply USB Internal cable. Please test motherboard with Demo-CD.

    Over 95% of the questions are in the manual and testing the Demo-CD helps. Additionally we have support at
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Default confirm information first

    I have just been told by email that there will be no FC target in iSCSI-R3, so please be sure before choosing what modules you need. This is very disappointing as it does say in the iSCSI-R3 that it uses FC.

    It seems to me that open-e are moving to one main product which will be DSS as it also supports iSCSI now. I would like it if there was a future road path for the open-e product as we have already had to change fro iSCSI Enterprise to iSCSI-R3 Enterprise and now it looks like another change of direction.

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    Hi Gavin,
    I have seen your email in support concerning your interest. This forum will not be used for future Road paths. Only on the web site or DSS is over 80% of our business, so this is gaining the attention. iSCSI-R3 Enterprise is the lowest cost of the Enterprise product lines. iSCSI Enterprise has been around for awhile and IDE (256MB) is behind us and the reason for R-3 to use the USB is larger capacity 1GB.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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