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Thread: New DSS v7 Lite - How get Product Key from Portal ?

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    Default New DSS v7 Lite - How get Product Key from Portal ?

    I am presuming I am missing something obvious here, however I cannot find an answer to this.

    I generated two new DSS v7 Lite Licenses, and then purchased 2 x 2Tb Storage Extensions for them so now have 2 x DSS v7 Lite v7 Licenses with 4TB of Storage Licensed to them. I did not write the product key down at the time of the generation as figured could retrieve them afterwards. I received the emails with the Storage Extension Product Key in them, however I have not received any emails regarding the Lite Product Key.

    I installed the DSS v7 Product onto my system and is now asking me for the Product Key.

    All that can be seen in the User Portal is a Serial Number, and I cannot see anywhere in there how to get the Product Key, with the WebUI on the system rejecting the Serial Number then cannot get further

    What do I need to do to get the Product Key associated with the Serial Numbers that I have attached the Storage Extensions too.



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    Hello Michael,

    Please send us the Serial Numbers for your systems and we will send you back your product keys, you can open a support ticket and our team will help you.

    For more details, you can also contact us at:

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    Thanks, I have sent an email, via the Contacts Page, with my serial numbers as I cannot open a Support Ticket

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