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Thread: Enabling NFS for new shared folder with replication active?

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    Default Enabling NFS for new shared folder with replication active?


    I have two Open-E V6 NAS with replication enabled. I wish to create a new NFS volume + shared folder, however I cannot enable NFS since there is active replication going on.

    As long as NAS (NFS) Failover is running, it's not possible to modify any NFS configuration.

    I cannot pause the replication because this would take down the VIP, which our production system is mounted to.

    I was wondering if there was a way to temporarily disable replication for one specific volume (in this case, a new volume) so that I can enable NFS share access.

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    The cluster service must be stopped to modify the shares, and NFS settings. Due to the nature of the 'failover-data' share, it can not be dynamically changed, as each server needs to be configured, and the service restarted from the primary node.

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