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Thread: Multiple Snapshot

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    Default Multiple Snapshot

    Hi Dears,
    I have two Questions:

    1. what is Multiple Snapshot and how work in Open-E?
    2. do open-e has Data Tier in features?

    Thanks ,

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    Excuse me ,
    3. do open-e has de-duplication and how it work?

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    For more details about snapshot, please find the following links:

    About the Data Tier feature, as I know, this is a feature related to the Database servers, but if you are asking about the data transfer between tiers is part of the architecture such as having SNMP, and such protocol is already included in DSS, if that's what you are looking for, else it maybe related to the data base system that you are going to use.

    About De duplication, please find the following link for more details:

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