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Thread: how to change the open-e system drive?

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    Question how to change the open-e system drive?

    hi all!

    maybe someone can help me to get a useful solution...
    The 2gb usb drive on which our open-e system is installed reports IO Errors.
    Now I would like to change this USB Pen perhaps against an other USB Pen or a small SATA SSD Drive.
    is there anywhere a manual to do so?

    our system is used both as a active-active cluster with MPIO and iSCSI Target and as a passive cloned NAS Drive.
    System Version is: 7.0up11 8826

    thx for your help!

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    Moving to a new SSD drive would be best recommendation.
    To do this, you will need to do a new install. This will not affect your data, but you will need to schedule a maintenance window to do so, as well as stop cluster services.
    Download and save the settings and configuration from the webGUI. MAINTENANCE-->Miscellaneous.
    Note down your product key from HELP-->About.
    Perform a new install to SSD from either cd rom, or usb installer, instructions can be found here:
    Once install is complete, configure the management IP from the console screen (CNTRL+ALT+N).
    Connect to the webGUI and enter your product key, reboot
    After reboot, you may restore the previously saved settings and configuration in the webGUI, reboot.
    Do this on each system, and restart the cluster after.

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