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Thread: Create one Share per user - bulk import

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    Default Create one Share per user - bulk import

    i have an Open-e installation integrated to a active directory. Now i need for every user one share, who can only accessed by the user and the administration crew.
    I can do it manuel with web interface, but for 120 users its very hard. Is there a way to do a bulk import or to automate the task?

    Thank you.

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    You can create all the shares with our API that would save you time but not sure about adding each user to a specific share - list of all our API commands are below that you can use.

    nas_share_access_afp - Modifies AFP share access.
    nas_share_access_ftp - Enables and disables access to shares via FTP
    nas_share_access_http - Enables and disables access to shares via HTTP.
    nas_share_access_nfs - Enables and disables access to the given share via NFS.
    nas_share_access_smb - Modifies SMB/AFP share access.
    nas_share_create - Create share on specified volume.
    nas_share_details - Display detailed configuration of share
    nas_share_edit - Changes share location or comment.
    nas_share_groups - Groups manipulation functions.
    nas_share_list - Lists shares
    nas_share_remove - Removes the given share.
    nas_share_users - Users manipulation functions.
    nas_user_add - Create user in the system.
    nas_user_groups - Adding and removing users to groups.
    nas_user_remove - Removes the given user from the system.
    nas_user_rename - Rename NAS user.
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