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Thread: Adaptec MaxView Storage Manager Issue

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    Default Adaptec MaxView Storage Manager Issue

    i am using adaptec 5805-ZQ cards in my storage servers, but the browser window does not let me login to the maxview storage manager, i have tried the default system admin and root, but no luck.

    i have these cards on windows servers and the login is just the win admin username and password, but for some reason the open-e login does not work.

    anyone else experience this?


    admin = no luck
    root = no luck
    administrator = no luck
    raid = no luck
    raid-admin = no luck
    open sesame = no luck

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    Username: raid
    Password: raid

    Username: aac
    Password: raid

    Username: aac
    Password: aac

    Username: aac
    Password: (the password you set (or use it) in WebGUI).

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    Username: aac
    Password: raid

    problem solved, thank you

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