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Thread: Virtual applience

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    Default Virtual applience

    I'm trying to install the latest version DSS 7.00up11 on ESXi 5.1U2 as virual applience.
    Installation was successful, but after rebooting virtual machine is unbootable.
    Just a black screen with text unblinking cursor (may be not cursor just "minus" sign?).

    I boot this VM from partition manager boot cd.
    I saw on the disk normal boot active fat32 partition.
    But not booting!

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    Can you try to boot it from another media?

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    What do you mean by a media?
    Storage on ESXi host? In this case is single SSD disk.
    I use this ESXi host with this storage for another virtual machines.
    DSS 6 installed and run sucessfuly.
    I tryed reinstall DSS 7 some times. Result the same.
    At now I reinstall DSS 7 on another NFS storage with same result.

    If you mean boot this VM with other boot media, I tryed this too.
    I boot this VM from ISO boot cd with paragon partition manager.
    I saw on the disk normal boot active fat32 partition with DSS instelled on it.

    Moreover, I tryed run this new installation in NFS storage on another old vmware host with ESXi 5.0.0 914586.
    Result the same!
    Black screen with dash.

    Also I tryed newest 7.0.0up12 - not run.
    And finally, first available up05 installed and running well!

    So it's not my system trouble! Realy new releases not running on vmware!

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    Looks like I understood what was happening.
    It's a strange combination without Floppy and 2048M of RAM in VM config.
    At the time of installation!
    Experiments continue...

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    I spent more than a hundred tests and is now convinced of the situation.
    Floppy drive is not affect.
    If you install DSS7.0up11 or DSS7.0up12 on a virtual machine with 2048M RAM, then DSS will not boot. If you then latter change the amount of RAM is also not boot. DSS7.0up5 not affected this issue.
    If you install DSS with another quantity of RAM - that works.
    Then it is possible to change to 2048M - all works fine.

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    I tested with up12_build_10529 and have it working with 1GB of mem, the OS that I used was Debian 6 (64bit).
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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