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Thread: Active/Passive SAN with ESXi Cluster ...

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    Default Active/Passive SAN with ESXi Cluster ...

    Hi All,

    We are in the process of trialing 2x Open-E DSS v7 for Active/Passive Fail-over.

    We have followed the setup guide. Server's configuration is as follow:

    * Intel Server Chassis
    * Dual Intel Xeon CPU
    * 32 Gb Ram
    * 3 x 4TB HDD
    * Dual 1gbit ethernet
    * Dual 10gbit ethernet

    Both Servers are identical

    From what we can see replication is working well, the issue we have is when we try to create a new Virtual Machine in ESXi it takes over 3 hours to build whether it is from and ISO or Template.
    What we have found is when we break the fail-over it improves the performance down to approximately 1 hour.

    I feel the reason we are having this issue is because it is trying to create the VM at the same as it is trying to replicate the VM.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this issue.

    Thank you in Advance.

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    It seems there is a performance problem, possibly replication link is too slow (replication is synchronous so slow link will slow down write operation of whole cluster).
    Please open a presales ticket with our support guys so they can go over the logs and troubleshoot.

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