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Thread: New Volumes & Targets & iSCSI parameters while running a cluster

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    Lightbulb New Volumes & Targets & iSCSI parameters while running a cluster

    We can add additional iSCSI target without breaking cluster and this is good!

    So without breaking working Cluster we can add (or remove un-clustered) new:
    Volume Groups
    Logical Volumes
    Replication Tasks
    But we can't set the iSCSI parammeters on the new targets (!?!), even they are not in replication task. The default DSS iSCSI parameters of new-created targets are much different as VMWare and Win recomended parameters, so working with them is not optimal.

    I find one sollution (but shouldn't be an example of good practice):
    If we allready have an optimized target on both nodes and they are not in the Cluster, we can add additional logical volume to them as LUN 1, 2,
    It works for me, but does anybody see any problem with multiple volumes on the same target?

    Best regards!

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    there is a small update thats sets the values of new targets to the recommended settings for vmware

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    Where to find this small update ?
    Do we have to open a support case ?

    By the way, modifying iscsi target parameters in a cluster is no problem in DSS V6...

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    Send an email to support and we will get you the small update. Also check your inbox I have sent you another additional note that you might like.
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