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Thread: Boot failure with ruggedized Innodisk USB Nano

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    Default Boot failure with ruggedized Innodisk USB Nano

    Hello all!

    Usually I configure OPEN-E appliances to boot from internal USB keys (e.g. IBMs x3650 internal USB socket).
    But in the last years I had several problems with "normal" USB keys, which were failing after months of use.

    So I was looking for more stable USB keys.
    Now I am testing industrial grade USB keys from Innodisk (product name: "Industrial Nano USB" on

    But I cannot boot DSS V7 from these devices in any server I have tested. The boot process hangs on 39%
    with "Please enter root password or press Control-D to continue". I have tested it with V7 up11 and up12 on
    several IBM x-Series an my home PC, so totally different hardware. And I have three of these USB keys.

    Is there any hint, why these devices do not boot? I can provide OPEN-E support with one of my keys.

    Thanks for any help!
    Robert Falk

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    What is the size of the Industrial Nano USB? If less then 2GB then test with the DSS V6. We really dont suggest using a USB for any OS, SSD's have a longer life then the USB.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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