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Thread: SAS and DSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by To-M
    Are you downloading from the FTP site (1.18 will be in the DSS directory) or Web site? If Web site and need access to the FTP site email me at

    Could send me this access also?I would like to try it on my poweredge 1900


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    Please contact me at so I can provide this access for you.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    So have you done any benchmarking on this? I have something similar:

    Supermicro running DSS 5.0
    Dual Qlogic 2460 (working active/active FC MPIO would be great - )
    Promise Vtrak E610fD w/ 16 147GB 15k SAS drives.

    Just wondering if using DAS SAS gives better performance that the direct attached 4GB FC.


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    theoretically yes it should be better. I think that its faster because its talking native disk language end to end. im not positive however but i will be testing that fairly soon:

    dual port 4gb fiber channel VS. dual port 3gb SAS

    I think SAS is more expandable by design as well. Just wait till you see SAS SAN's - people will be running back to fiber channel because it seems a heck of a lot more complex now.

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