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Thread: email sent time different than machine time

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    Default email sent time different than machine time

    I have a NAS running DSS V6 which I have setup to email me errors. In my email client, the sent time shown is 6 hours before the actual time. The time is set correctly with the appropriate time zone. I have another NAS running DSS V7 which shows the correct time sent in my email client. This is more of a nuisance but it throws me off when I see the time sent. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Please make sure that all your systems has the same date/time ( sync the time between all the systems so there should be no big difference in time, max difference should not exceed 5 min. ).

    And what is the v6 system build? if it's an old build please update it.
    Also check the settings for the email notifications on both systems, and make sure they both has the same settings.

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