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    Question Recommendations

    I'm looking into Open-E NAS as a solution for a small business' file sharing needs. I want to see if this is a good choice.

    The specifics of the setup: 10-20 users, very low level use, mostly documents, etc.

    My major hope for this solution is a very low failure/issue rate with the system itself, as there is no onsite IT.

    I have two concerns.

    1. Do I have the right system?
    2. Backup. How exactly do I ensure that the files can be recovered in a disaster senario? After reading various manuals, I am still not sure...


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    Use 2 x NAS-R3 Enterprises with Data Replication this will provide you the best low failure that you are looking for. I know that it is expensive but it will be best for your case.
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    Todd Maxwell

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