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Thread: Upgrade V6 to V7

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    Default Upgrade V6 to V7


    i have to upgrade from V6 6.0up90 to v7 7.0up12.

    what are the best practices/recommendations ?
    We are running open-e with ESX 5.1

    from what i've read, i have to :
    - upload V7 ISO on V6 server from the software update GUI web interface
    - reboot server
    - insert my v7 licence key
    - restore the previous settings from the Maintenance GUI web interface
    - reboot server
    - activate the v7 product

    All my datastores will be remain safe on my server ??


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    We recommend to update the V6 to build up98 (or after) first then go with the upgrade process to V7.
    As it's more recommended to upgrade your system from newer v6 builds. For the mentioned steps, they are correct.

    And please read the upgrade manual guide (link below) for more details :

    Your data should be in safe as it's in a different medium or storage space.
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