I just booted up a test environment with Open-E ... the install went well, but there is no storage detected on the device. There is no default Volume Group and I can't create one either.

If I go to extended tools on the console, "select default volume group", I get "No volume group found".

If I go through the web-ui, "Configuration" --> "Volume Manager" --> "Volume Groups", I see the "Unit rescan" box and "No units found" (if I rescan, I get the same thing).

If I try to create, e.g., an iscsi target, I get a warning "No system volume found", and then a link to "Create a new Volume Group (take me to the Unit Manager)" ... which seems to lead me back to the Volume Manager/Volume Groups ... which doesn't work.

What's going on? there is obviously storage in the machine (it booted) ... does there need to be a second hard drive (separate from the boot/os drive)?