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Thread: Hardware support - Areca ARC-1220

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    Default Hardware support - Areca ARC-1220


    These questions are about iscsi r3 enterprise.

    You only list PCI raid controllers on the HCL, do you support the Areca ARC-1220 PCI-E raid adaptor, there are GPL drivers available.

    I assume that two controllers with 8 drives each should out perform one with 16 drives, but do you have any performance stats?

    Is there a sweet spot for memory use? ie is there a point where extra memory not effective and if so where 2GB, 4GB more?

    I noticed on other threads that some users have asked about the use of open-e with virtualiron, has any testing been done?


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    Yes we support the ARC 1220 and ARC-12XX family as this is the SATA ll RAID host adapter providing high-performance with PCI-Express.
    Currently we do not have any performance stats because of all the different hardware variables with the different environments associated.
    But having 2 RAID controllers with separate Volume Groups segregating the I/O will help and adding memory on the controller. Depending on your requirments iSCSI can demand allot of memory from our system and the host system as well, so start off with 2GB then have enough room to add another 2GB if need be. You wil be able to review the stats located in our GUI under Status > Hardware > Server Statistics. Here you can open a window with server statistics. Following statistics are
    System load

    We are in early stages with Virtual Iron, so right now any new results from our customers would be greatly appreciated on this forum.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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