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Thread: 2 Units showing after force reboot

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    Default 2 Units showing after force reboot


    We need to change the DNS settings on one of our DSS units (as the set DNS is not in our environment anymore) but before we did this I had sent a reboot command through the GUI.
    Unfortunately, it wouldn't start back up after the command. The system was unresponsive to pings.
    We hard reset the unit this morning and discovered that we are unable to access the GUI. We have waited over 3 hours now and although we can ping, we can't do much else.
    I found that the RAID was initializing when I accessed the 3DM2 directly. During the initialization, it had created an additional unit - the first having 7 working drives and 1 degraded and the other unit containing 7 degraded drives and 1 working.
    The initialization has now completed but I'm left with the 2 units.
    Our engineer on site has checked the DSS unit directly and has reported that there is a spinning red circle on the interface with 'Init: entering runlevel:2' or similar on the screen.
    I am unable to connect via Putty as the connection drops within a few seconds.
    Is this a case of just waiting for all processes to complete?

    I'm wondering if pointing the IP address of the referenced DNS server to a working one will help get the unit booted up.

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    DNS is not the cause of the issue, this sound like a boot media problem or the 3Ware controller is having issues and or there is a rebuild. I would check the 3Ware logs if possible or boot with a different boot media to see if the problem still exist.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    Thanks Todd. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding. Will reboot when it has finished and hope for the best.

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