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Thread: open-e DSS v7 Lite fails to bind MS Active Directory

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    Default open-e DSS v7 Lite fails to bind MS Active Directory

    I have downloaded and registered for a Lite lic. key.

    Installation (VBox) with a 100GB storage went fine. The system is up and I can access it via the Web UI.

    When I try to bind open-e to the MS Active Directory (AD) (WIN2k8R2 server), the binding fails. I have already done two pristine installs and each time the binding fails!

    I am confident that the AD is working fine because there are other clients (Windows, Linux, OS X) binding to it and authenticating users.

    In the Lite feature list, I did not see anything regarding Acitve Directory/LDAP. I assume it is allowed.

    Hints/solutions to this problem welcome

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    Check this link below, also set the DSS DNS IP to the Windows ADS IP and make sure to login as a Domain Admin.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    Thanks for the link. Prior to posting, I had already checked the items mentioned in the link.

    I will attempt another install or try the PDC bind.

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