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Thread: Changing Consistency Check and Patrol Read frequency

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    Unhappy Changing Consistency Check and Patrol Read frequency


    We are a using a production home made SAN based on an MegaRAID SAS 9280-24i4e raid controller with 20*3Tb disk and running Open-E DSS6 with unlimited licence.
    The array uses 18 dsik in Raid 6 with 2 Hot Spare and lately we noticed slow down in disk access from our Hyper-V servers.

    We mostly noticed it keeps doing :
    _ "Consistency check" every week but the consistency check is taking longer and longer every week (we are now at over 5 days for a constency check every 7 days)
    _ "Patrol Read" every week too (at the same time as the consistency check)

    I found reference in the forum to changing those frequency but can't put my hand on how to change those parameters neither in Open-E GUI, Open-E Console or in LSI Mega raid tools.

    So does anyone have an idea on how to change that.


    P.S. I found out how to change the Patrol Read Rate and the Check Consistency Rate, and lowered both from 30 to 20% already, so what I'm looking for is how to change how often and when those tasks runs.

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    This can be done with the MegaRAID storage manager: (user guide)

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