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Thread: Only have single drive from raid set and I cant read it

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    Default Only have single drive from raid set and I cant read it

    We had a machine fail the other day, the drive with the OS installed on it. It was a raid 1 set and although we still have the other drive, when we boot using the live CD Version it just sees it as a blank drive. The machine is recognising the raid controller and as I say it can see the drive, just no data.

    Please help


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    Try booting with a USB DSS then restore from the GUI in Mint. > Misc and select from last known good config and setup.
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    The machine won't boot from usb as it too old. I have imaged the drives and they will boot, but it now says that it can't restore the drive config because there is a file missing. It also sees the 2nd drive from the raid pair as blank.

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