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Thread: New hangs at SYSLINUX EBIOS

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    Default New hangs at SYSLINUX EBIOS

    I have a new install of DSS7 that is hanging at the "SYSLINUX EBIOS" screen.
    The installation itself (from a CD iso burned to a USB thumb drive) boots, detects all hardware and installs to the boot drive ok.

    Supermicro X8DTU motherboard (dual CPU) 48GB RAM
    Boot disk: Intel ProSSD 240GB on onboard SATA controller
    LSI 9280 RAID controller + 24 SSD drives (RAID unconfigured at this time)

    I've tried AHCI ("native" and "intel" modes) & IDE mode on the SATA controller without success.

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    Try to turn off UEFI, does the DSS boot into Architecture selection of 64bit mode?
    If so try to select the"Tab" key on "Architecture selection" screen then
    press "Tab" button at the screen at the build for the 64 bit mode during booting
    and modify the line that contains different parameters by changing the splash=silent to splash=verbose.

    This will show more info in the boot process. If none of this applies and during the POST operation and not the DSS boot process
    then try to turn off all management features in the BIOS and you might change positions of the RAID card to different slot.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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