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Thread: Factory Reset

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    Default Factory Reset

    Hi, I have inhereted a couple of these boxes but after looking at the manual I can't seen to find the way to factory default them so it looses all the data / shares / usernames everything! Anyone any ideas?

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    Default Factory Reset

    To remove any or all of the Logical Volumes or Units and Administrative settings you need to access Consol Tools. In consol tools you can enter F1 (Page 10 on the Manual) to get all the available tools. Where you are needing to remove Logical Volumes and set back system defaults enter alt. + ctrl. + x then select the following - remove Logical Volumes and Units. After that you can restore system to its default in the same section.

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    Default Factory Reset

    Thanks for that I'll give it a go. Do these support iSCSI?

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    Default SCSI Support

    Yes. The support of hardware ATA/ SATA / SCSI controllers provides the system performance and professional security of your valuable data. Another professional feature of Open-E NAS 2.0 is the snapshot function, which enables to backup data with full data access for the clients. On our website and manual you will find all available features of NAS 2.0.

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    Default iSCSI

    Sorry, not too sure if I made myself clear. I mean can they been seen as iSCSI disks within windows?

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    Default iSCSI

    NAS 2.0 technology is based on file sharing (Network Attached Storage). Please review on our website the iSCSI products that will enable this feature. Open-E's product line for iSCSI are as follows - iSCSI SOHO, SMB and Enterprise there you will be able to read and download manuals to review there functionality. To purchase our products please click on the following link and select which country.

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    Thanks for the info i'll look into that. Just one other question is there anyway to group 2 or more nas boxes to appear as one large drive?

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    Default 2 or more NAS systems

    Currently we do not have this feature available with our NAS products.

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