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Thread: How to change Licence key

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    Default How to change Licence key

    I have 2 licences and whould like to change the licence on the DSS from 12 TB to 4 TB, how to do this?

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    Can you let me know why would you like to change the licence from 12tb to 4?

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    We have 12 TB and 4 TB licence , from the beginning as we planned to use failover and so on, but we never use 4 TB licence as we have no second SAN. 12 TB licence its installed on old SAN, but it this SAN have less than 4 TB after RAID 5, because the idea was that we will extend the drives in future and it was long time ago. Now we have new server and hard drives become larger and cheaper, so we can get 12 TB capacity. Finally we can use our 12 TB licence and 4 TB licence.

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    Just add the 4TB key in the extensions loader, in the webGUI at HELP-->About screen. And reboot.

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    There is an old hardware with 4 TB after RAID5, but now we have a new server with higher disk capacity. In the beginning there was a plan to have 2 SANs and failover or/and replication and so on, that why we have 2 licences. It make sence to have a 12TB on a new one and to place a 4TB licence on old SAN. Please help.

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    You can use the keys on any server, just make sure to reboot after entering in the key. If your storage key is less then what the capacity is on the server then add additional storage license keys from our online shop or from your reseller. You can still replicate part of your 12TB storage server using 4TB to the other 4TB server.
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