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Thread: DSS7 Active-Active - Same Volume

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    Default DSS7 Active-Active - Same Volume


    Is it possible to have the same volume i.e. Target0 to be active on 2 nodes at same time?
    Something like DRBD with OCFS volume?
    Basically I need 2 MS SQL2K8 DB (on W2K8 OS) to iSCSI connect to the same volume and open the same mdf/ldf files simultaneously.

    I read this from your pdf..The Active-Active option allows configuring resource pools on both nodes and makes it possible to run some active volumes on node-a and other active volumes on node-b.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Only 1 Target will be accessible, so if you have the same volumes and same Target names then only the Source volume will be written too.
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