The serwer worked on DSS V6 Lite b3530 (installed on HDD).
I wanted to update DSS v6 Lite b3530 to newer build b7337 but I can not update .iso by webGUI "update software" from other computer in LAN.
I saw note "... Please not close not refresh website until..." after few hours nothing happend - still I saw note (the same as someone wrote on the forum earlier).
So, first I put "apply" to search new update and it downloaded update b4023 and I accepted and updated, next from b4023 I downloaded b7337 and I accepted the update but after reboot not loading - always stops at black screen with "Loading...".
I read on the forum - can help: to run "Repair filesystem on LV" from extended Tools and I did it.
So, I also downloaded from www.open-e.com older builds and create bootable USB with b7337 (not loading), next b6335 (not loading) and next b5845 and it LOADING, so I wanted to update this build by webGUI from other komputer in LAN but!: in meantime I lost network adapters in console.
After run the b5845 from USB In Console I see notice: "No network adapters detected" - by C+A+N I can write routing (Address, Gateway, Netmask) but I can not Apply them, of course.
I put to the computer next ethernet PCI card (first is onboard and enabled in BIOS) and still Network settings: is empty, no network adapters.
Of course, I saved setup and settings in webGUI before update. I am still waiting with "Run software installer b5845" because I do not know if only this way or if at all it will solve this problem because all data will be removed from disk (DSS). If it not necessary I would like to not do it.
I do not know what happened (with network adapter and settings IP, Netmask, Gateway) and what I should to do to repair network settings, please help.
Thank you in advance.