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Thread: Error ... and question

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    Default Error ... and question

    I will be pleasure if anyone can explain me difference between Windows (PDC) and Windows (ADS) authentication methods. (all that can be founded in documentation i am already know)

    And i have one problem, every 5min i have this error:

    "Jun 12 10:35:01 nas nis_mappings: UIDand GID database synchronization failed. Synchronization is disabled."

    Option "Synchronize uid and gid database with NIS server" are disabled in my configuration, i am already try to reenable and disable it again.

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    Try to switch between PDC and ADS and then back to LDAP. Check your timing on both systems.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    I am already try to do it. But it do not help.
    I am change UIDand GID database synchronization time settings to 24hours and DISABLED it! Now i have error every 24 hours. If i enable it i have errors every minute.

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    Set to Disable UID and GID - in SMB settings. Check if firewall + QOS policy could cause blocking this. Are you using a ADS or PDC for the type authenticating? Was this working before and there was a some changes made? Also what is the version you are using?
    If using ADS try to disable trusted domains.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Hi all, sorry if this is not the best place to post this, please let me know
    if there's somewhere better.

    I'd like to implement something that allows access to NTFS filestore on
    Windows 2000 etc through CIFS/SMB protocol (ie file sharing), but allows me
    programmatic hooks into attempts to access files, so I can selectively
    supply my own data for it.

    Do you know if it's possible to add hooks like this to the standard
    implementation of CIFS/SMB on Windows, or if there are any third party
    implementations that offer hooks or offer source code and run on Windows?


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