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Thread: NAS with 2 Volumes crashed - files unaccessible

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    Exclamation NAS with 2 Volumes crashed - files unaccessible

    Hi @ all,

    even though our Open-E Nas 2.0 is pretty much out-dated (2005) I am hoping someone might shine some light on my problem(s):

    1. There were two volumes, each on on RAID set (1st RAID 5, 2nd RAID1)
    2. The server crashed due to power loss
    3. The server started up with both RAID Sets degraded
    4. Rebuilding the RAID1 was successful.
    5. RAID Set 2 is "unusable"/Inoperable. I am afraid that during the rebuild another HDD crashed.

    Currently the NAS says there were no volumes available.
    Under Setup - Disk Manager it detects one Unit, the repaired RAID1. But it is NOT added; adding it now would format the whole RAID1.

    I tried to attach one HDD of the RAID1 to a machine and booting up a unix..But the whole disk is shown as "unallocated" disk space.
    I have read something like this before:

    I honestly don't know much about open-e, I didn't set it up in the first place. But I believe that the "disk/volume information" for BOTH volumes were saved to the degraded/unusable array.

    Is there any way to access the files on the "healthy" RAID set WITHOUT the other Array??

    Of course I am trying to get the second array back up working but it might be a complete data loss...There are no backups (not my fault either), I just would like to access the data on the healthy disks..

    Anyone with a hint?

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    If both Raid arrays were used to create a single volume group then you will need to repair the missing array to access the data again.

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    Hi SJO!
    Wow this is very old version of product and I am amazed your system is still running. I really don't remember if this version had a an Extended tools from the console screen but you can try and enter CTR ALT X then see if you can find Set Default Volume Group and Repair Filesystem and try both and see if this helps. You can try to find somewhere on the internet and look for an older version of Knoppix Linux and boot with that and try to mount those volumes. I wish I had more information for you
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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