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Thread: sudden very slow performance on file server

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    Default sudden very slow performance on file server

    Hey Forum,

    Preamble 1: Apologies in advance, I'm not a sys admin, we don't have the scale to be able to employ one...
    Preamble 2: We're more than happy to pay someone who knows what they're doing to point us in the right direction. I'm unable to even get in touch with Open-E as I cannot open a ticket at all for this as the OS is so old, and their doesn't seem any other way of contacting support?

    We have a 5 year old file server running DSS6. It has run glitch free constantly. On Monday of this week I came in and found that access to the server is very slow. The box has two fibre connections each serving an independent network (both running windows). Both networks exhibit the same problems of slow access / very slow read / write, so am presuming (probably incorrectly) that the server is causing the issue. However I cannot find anything in the logs / status etc that suggests there is a problem with the server (also not entirely sure which logs I should even be looking at).

    Pinging the fileserver from either network works fine and is fast.

    We desperately need to know if the server is falling over, so we can start thinking about replacement if we have to. As mentioned up top, we're willing to pay for assistance.

    Kind regards,


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    Could be raid problems. Have you checked the array for any issues?

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