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Thread: Changing LAN IP on DSSv7

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    Default Changing LAN IP on DSSv7

    Hello Open-E users,

    We have the need to change network addressing of our LAN. The auxiliary paths will not change (remaining in their own VLANs).
    Is there a special procedure to achieve this ?

    I suppose :
    (obvious prerequisite: configure new IP subnet, and DNS)
    1- Shutdown all VMs
    2- On Windows, remove all iSCSI targets
    3- Stop Failover on both nodes
    4- Change IP on eth0 on both nodes (reboot required, I guess)
    5- Pray, then restart Failover
    6- Reconnect iSCSI targets with new IPs
    7- Restart VMs

    Does it seem a good roadmap ?

    Thanks in advance


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    This is correct, but I would make sure that you update to the latest then enable Maintenance Mode then change the IP's (please make sure the VIPs are on a separate network as instructed from the setup of Failover). This video will show you how to enable Maintenance Mode.
    Maintenance Mode with Open-E DSS V7 in Failover with iSCSI and NFS
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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