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Thread: VMWare lost connectivity to storage device during failover

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    Default VMWare lost connectivity to storage device during failover

    When we do a failover VMWare lost the connection and gives the following error:

    Stateless event alarm

    Alarm Definition:
    ([Event alarm expression: Lost Storage Connectivity] OR [Event alarm expression: Lost Storage Path Redundancy] OR [Event alarm expression: Degraded Storage Path Redundancy])

    Event details:
    Lost connectivity to storage device eui.64327556714b7666. Path vmhba38:C0:T2:L1 is down. Affecteddatastores: Unknown.

    When we do a rescan for datastores, it hangs. We can only fix it to reboot the "slave node". (we are running active/passive)
    When it's going to reboot, everything is comming back online, but a lot of servers has at that moment corrupt data.
    When we failover back to the other side, same problem, and fixed after rebooting the "slave node".

    We are running the following Open-E version:

    Version: 7.0up16.9101.16323 64bit
    Release date: 2015-05-29​

    And VMWare ESXi 5.1.0

    Did anyone has this problem also? And how fix this?

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    Are the Virtual IPs in a separate network then the NICs IP? Are you using MPIO or Bonding for the MPIO. Make sure you have only 1 gateway. Was this working from the beginning or it was then recently this just happened?
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    Todd Maxwell

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