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Thread: very slow performance

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    Default very slow performance


    running a V6, Release Date: 2009-11-17 with 24 TB on a Super Micro with Areca Controller.

    16 GB RAM (4.4 in use),

    4 Interfaces on one card are bonded as 4 x 1 GBit (without LACP)

    Machine runs since 12.2009 without any problems, 1x 2 GB (boot)
    3 x 2 TB, 2 x 5 TB, Licence is for 24 TB

    Sharing only via NFS.

    My problem since ~2 month? No changes.

    Copying of 48 GByte takes 30 hours over network to a NFS-server.
    Other NFS-shares to copy to this server much faster, ~ 1 GByte 1 Minute or so.

    I logged in to the Areca-Controller and there are no problems. In open-e Interface, too. IPMI to Super Micro Server - no
    errors seen.

    The 5 partitions are mounted via NFS3:

    storxnfs:/storxvol2 on /dataxs type nfs (rw,bg,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,soft,timeo=300,retran s=3,addr=x.x.x.x)

    They are nearly full

    347 G 91%, 276 G 86%, 806 G 83%, 1,4 T 64%, 228 G 96% remaining

    One of them was 100% full.

    Any suggestions? reboot?

    Thanks, Harald

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    Is the Write Back enabled on the Areca controller? What happens if you write to the volume that has the 1,4 T 64%? Check in the Console screen and enter CTRL ALT N then select the NIC you using to send files and check the "Info" option to see if you have any TX or RX bad or dropped packets. You could try to do a Repair filesystem from the Extended tools from Console (Keep in mind it will do a reboot). Then try again with the file.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    it's now solved:

    - installed newest firmware on Areca-Controller
    - reboot the NAS

    Addendum: 4 last years replaced disks are show as current SATA150 (Backplane supports SATA300)
    all other disks: are current SATA300
    replaced this 4 ST1000NM033 by HUA721010CLA330 => current SATA300
    Nice feature: ST1000NM033 in a newer Eurostor-Box with newer ARECA: current SATA600 (disk is able)

    Thanks, Harald

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