Hi there

I got the order to evaluate Open-e DSS7 with iSCSI Active-active Option - so i am quite new with DSS.

Host "DSS2" cant bind to "Host "DSS1" (if i start this binding while in the GUI of "DSS2")
"Failover Cluster couldnīt execute (error code BE13)"
On Host "DSS2" the Event log says every 10 Minutes: "Hosts binding: Connection to Host "dss1" lost. Please check communication route between local Computer and host "dss1"
On Host "DSS1" the Event log doesnt note any Informations, Errors or warnings.

IF i initiate the bind out of the GUI of Host "DSS1" (to connect Host "DSS2") it works and Host "DSS2" writes an Information in the Event log
"Host binding: Host "DSS1" is connected"
and after 10 Minutes
"Host binding: Host "DSS1 is connected again"
Then no more informations or Errors in the event-Log.
So this direction seams to work

I am running on a LAN, no Routers or FWs in between, Volume Replication is using a direct Point-to-Point-Connection (10GbE) without any Switch in between.
Each host can ping every IP-Adress on the other Host (Checked with the ping Utility in Console).

This Active-Active Cluster is not yet productive (and iam using the Trial license with full functionality), but i want to know whats the Problem before it runs in an productive Environment!

Does anyone have a Suggestion what goes wrong or how i could troubleshoot this Behaviour more in detail?
Thanks for any suggestions