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Thread: snapshot sharing

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    Default snapshot sharing

    First i have lv0001 shared, and put some files on it. Then i started scheduled (10min interval) snapshot snap00001 and share it, and all files was copied to snapshot. But when i change something on lv0001, there is no changes on snap00001 (regardless of time). Also snapshot share is accessible for writing (even if i set 'read-only' on that share). So, what's purpose of interval snapshoting? How it works? Thank you.

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    When you want to schedule a Snapshot and have it accessible in "Read Only" mode please do the following.

    Create a Snapshot in Volume Manager and assign it to the Logical Volume
    Create a Share for LV0001 for your data located in CONFIGURATION > NAS RESOURCES
    Create another Share for your snapshot "Snapbackup" located in CONFIGURATION > NAS RESOURCES
    Set your share "Snapbackup" for read only located in CONFIGURATION > NAS RESOURCES
    Then set your time values for the Snapshot in MAINTENACE > SNAPSHOT

    Note: This will not be a continuous Snapshot for the Logical Volume only for that point in time or until the next scheduled start time.
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