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Thread: JDSS unlimited volume license

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    Default JDSS unlimited volume license

    Is the unlimited storage license for JDSS planned to release?
    For example, it would perfectly match the 1.5+PB system, mentioned in the 'limitation thread'.

    I'm suspecting the 'per volume' model will die in the future, as the data amounts are increasing and software with 'per node' model does exist and improve its abilities (SUSE Ceph with bluestor, for example). The 'hybrid' unlimited model (as in old DSS) might remove the tension between both models.


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    It is being looked into as we know the storage is increasing. Looking at Bluestor - WOW they are $$$$$.
    And when you look at there products there price is from $10K to $20+K I guess they are still on the same "per volume model"
    16TB, 32TB, 48TB, 64TB, 96TB and when you look at some of there "Product Specifications" of there product nothing is there??????
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