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Thread: VmWare VM and DSS on same host crashes DSS

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    Angry VmWare VM and DSS on same host crashes DSS


    We have an active-passive setup on to ESXI 6.0 servers.

    vkm0 = internet
    vkm1 = 10 Gbit replication and iScsi adapter.

    If we use the Centos VM and DSS virtual Ip on the same EsXi server, iScsi stops and the DSS crashes, as in, it is completely powered off...

    Running the target ip on the other Esxi server it works well, but defeats the purpose of having complete failover....

    VM and DSS1 on esxi server 1 = crash
    VM and DSS2 on esxi server 2 = crash
    VM on esxi server 1 and DSS2 on esxi server 2 = works
    VM on esxi server 2 and DSS1 on esxi server 1 = works

    What can be wrong? (if we move VM and DSS virtual ip to the other box, it also crashes (esxi powers off the DSS2 VM)

    Thanks for any answer,

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    Is the Virtual IPs on a different network then the physical IPs of the NICs in the DSS? Does this happen with other VMs as well? We would need more information on the DSS for its hardware and how the network is setup.
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